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Here are just a few of the concerns the Parenting Tool kit addresses:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Evaluating the quality of services
  • Going into the community together
  • Building a nurturing home environment
  • Maneuvering the IEP process and obtaining more mainstream opportunities
  • Improving your child’s communication
  • Preventing prompt dependency
  • Understanding your child’s behaviors
  • Increasing your child’s motivation to learn new skills
  • Getting your child to follow your directions the first time


I have known Brad for a few years on a personal and professional level and have come to see Brad as a world changer. His approach to disability issues is impressive both in his scholarly understanding and how he practically implements his strong belief system. His lifetime of personal experiences with the disability community and their families combines with his professional knowledge to help to improve the teaching and learning of students with disabilities. On a personal level, Brad has helped my family along with my child with autism function as a cohesive group, all of us on the same page, working to toward the same goal. If you have a child with a disability and feel as though you need some guidance, Brad Runsick and Epic ABA Solutions can help.

— Kirstee Radley, Ph.D

I was introduced to Brad’s ABA techniques about 9 months ago. I have a six year old daughter diagnosed with autism. Although I am grateful for the services she had previously received I hadn’t seen much improvement in my daughter’s behavior. I struggled with her compliance in the home, going out in public, her self-talk, lack of interactive conversation, and tantrums. I started to think this was just how life was going to be. But what a difference Brad’s instruction made! I noticed a huge difference within a few weeks. Family, friends, and the school all remarked on the change that was noted. I felt like this was what I had been waiting for all along. This was the help I had been praying for. Now we are able to go out to restaurants, stores, and even a family vacation without the embarrassing stares and the horrible scenes. I am enjoying life with my daughter more than ever before and I look forward to seeing what the future has for us. I am so thankful for Brad’s commitment which has brought us to a better place than we were before. There is hope!

— Trish

I am a single mother with two special needs kids. Before I was introduced to Brad, my boys always had meltdowns, ran away and destroyed everything in my home. I thought I was failing as a mother. Brad encouraged me. I slowly began to believe that life could be easier. With his support I gained confidence and changed the way I was communicating my kids. His step-by-step instructions and modeling are easy to follow and duplicate through the day with both my kids. I really don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to Brad and the devotion he puts into his work. ABA therapy has had a very positive effect in my home. Thanks Brad!

— Carmen


  • Access to training videos with Downloadable Visual supports  
  • Members Forum (answers to personal questions)   
  • Community Services Resources
  • Supportive Peer-Reviewed Studies
  • Opportunity to schedule One-on-One consultation with Professor Runsick
  • Mobile app that rewards your continual parenting efforts with coupons to “Your preferred activities”


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